Michael Cosaboom

Exhibition Developer & Project Manager (718) 699 0005 ext. 376 mcosaboom@nysci.org Michael Cosaboom is the Project Manager/Exhibit Developer for Design Lab. He has a worked on public technology and informal education projects for over 20 years. Prior to NYSCI he worked at the American Museum…

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Ralph Grochowski

Manager, Information Technology (718) 699-0005 ext. 9357 rgrochowski@nysci.org

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Sarah Mellon

Associate Portfolio Manager (718) 699-0005 ext. 310 smellon@nysci.org

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Dimitry Lopatukhin

Vice President of Facilities and Security (718) 699 0005 ext. 336 dlopatukhin@nysci.org

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Nancy Schenk

Executive Assistant (718) 699-0005 ext. 318 nschenk@nysci.org

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Karen Saur

Coordinator of Professional Development (718) 699-0005 ext. 568 ksaur@nysci.org

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rendezvous loadin4 crop

Installing Rendezvous in Space

As millions of people visited the first season of the 1964-65 World’s Fair, the Hall of Science was being erected before their eyes, looming behind the rockets in the Space Park.  Work began on the Hall in June of 1963, but the Hall would not…

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“I’m standing in Science Hall, earthbound.”

Among the World’s Fair anniversary media posted this week is this archival clip courtesy of CBS.     More here.   See all the posts in the NYSCI Archive.

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Michael Lane

Director, Exhibit Services (718) 699-0005 ext. 334 mlane@nysci.org

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Michael Wilson

Manager of Digital Production (718) 699-0005 ext. 574 mwilson@nysci.org

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Marcia Bueno

Manager of Explainers (718) 699-0005 ext. 585 mbueno@nysci.org

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Michaela Labriole

Manager of Online Professional Development 718-699-0005 ext. 569 mlabriole@nysci.org Michaela Labriole has a BS in Cognitive Neuroscience from Brown University and an MS in Environmental Science from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. In addition to managing NYSCI’s online programs for educators, Michaela…

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Hermilo Bautista

Supervisor of Daily Operations (718) 699-0005 ext. 567 ebautista@nysci.org

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Priya Mohabir

Deputy Director, Science Career Ladder 718-699-0005 ext 403 pmohabir@nysci.org Priya Mohabir has been with NYSCI for the last 14 years, starting as an Explainer. Over the course of her time at NYSCI, she has worked in many different functions, from working in the Science and…

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Rebecca Cittadini

Director of Digital Strategy (718) 699-9142 rcittadini@nysci.org

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Lemuel Richards

Accountant/Budget Analyst (718) 699 0005 ext. 375 lrichards@nysci.org

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Larry Diamond

Exhibits Clerical Assistant (718) 699-0005 ext. 328 ldiamond@nysci.org

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Kathryn McManus

Disbursements Accountant (718) 699-5000 ext. 424 kmcmanus@nysci.org

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Karl Szilagi

Exhibits Technician (718) 699-0005 ext. 328 kszilagi@nysci.org

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Anita Samaroo

Accountant, Revenue Acct. & Control (718) 699-0005 ext. 347 asamaroo@nysci.org

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