if you tilt this game (strip)

If You Tilt This Game, Will It Explode?

(click image to enlarge) “An “atomic playground” where children can learn about nuclear fission, and a nuclear reactor which can be used by university professors to perform experiments are to become part of a $7,500,000 science museum at the 1964-65 World’s Fair site in Flushing…

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“Inside the Hall of Science, we found instant bedlam”

Even on a cold, raw, rainy day, when the Daily News visited the Hall of Science in January of 1967, Jo Martin found “goggle-eyed parents and children all thoroughly soaked but intently studying” the rockets outside.  Inside the Hall, “instant bedlam” was the scene.   Read…

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Robin L. Robin

Vice President of Human Resources 718-699-0005 ext. 329 rrobin@nysci.org Robin L. Robin is vice president of human resources for NYSCI. She is leading the change effort at NYSCI, focusing on establishing the human resources function, and working with directors to refocus and reorganize their departments through…

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Sylvia Perez

Vice President of Education Services 718-595-9196 sperez@nysci.org Sylvia Perez is vice president of education services and oversees all of NYSCI’s student programs including student workshops and after school programs, as well as a vast array of professional development programs for teachers. She is responsible for…

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miller 700x270

Thinker Behind the Museum

  (Francis Miller with a student visitor at the Hall of Science, circa 1967.) Francis Miller was the first Executive Director of the Hall of Science.  He oversaw operations in the Transportation area at the 1964-65 World’s Fair, which included the Hall of Science. He…

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The Weird-Looking Science Hall

  We can only guess what became of those transparencies. The Stars & Stripes feature was excerpted in an earlier post. Here are two of the photos that appeared in the article. The Great Hall has been called everything from futuristic to medieval.  To The…

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crowd panorama

NYSCI Archives: “More fun than hooky”

When the Hall of Science opened as a museum in September 1966, it was an instant attraction. In the first three weeks, 25,000 people visited. “Frankly the acceptance of the Hall has passed everyone’s wildest expectations,” Francis Miller, the Executive Director, was quoted in the World…

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Robert Logan

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer 718-595-9193 rlogan@nysci.org Robert Logan, executive vice president and chief operations officer, joined NYSCI in 2004. His primary areas of responsibility include visitor services, exhibit maintenance, facilities management and security. He provides oversight for the newly expanded information technology department…

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Patricia Huie

Chief Financial Officer 718-595-9133 phuie@nysci.org Patricia Huie is chief financial officer for NYSCI and oversees its financial and risk management functions. She is a finance professional with over 20 years of accounting and budget experience in nonprofit environments. Prior to joining NYSCI, she was executive…

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Martin Weiss

Senior Scientist 718-595-9516 mweiss@nysci.org Joining the Biology Department at NYSCI in 1989, Dr. Weiss has been responsible for developing many biology and chemistry-based exhibitions and programs. Currently, Dr. Weiss is developing Life Changes, a research and professional development project that will produce a traveling exhibition….

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Rebecca Reitz

Senior Manager of the Science Technology Library 718-699-0005 ext 360 rreitz@nysci.org Rebecca Reitz is the Senior Manager of the Science Technology Library. Known as “The Librarian” to the families, educators, staff members and school groups who frequent the library, she dedicates herself to helping learners…

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Elizabeth Slagus

Director of Public Programs 718-699-0005 ext 316 eslagus@nysci.org Elizabeth Slagus is the Director of Public Programs for NYSCI, a part-time adjunct faculty member of Parsons – The New School, and founder/co-curator of the SexEd Project. She consults in the areas of art and technology education,…

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Margaret Honey

President and CEO (718) 595-9127 mhoney@nysci.org Dr. Margaret Honey joined NYSCI as president and CEO in November of 2008. Among her current interests at NYSCI is the role of design-based learning in promoting student interest and achievement in STEM subjects. She is widely recognized for…

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three interesting ways (crop)

Blast off through the ages on the Nuclear Time Transporter

The NYSCI Archive: Rediscovering 50 years of stories about a science museum and its City.  

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56344289 720x240

Hopes and Holdovers

The hurried renovations to the Hall of Science immediately following the World’s Fair notwithstanding, the New York Times was not wrong in 1966 to call it “not yet a true museum.” Rather than an intentionally curated exhibit presentation, the Hall of Science offered a collection of…

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Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 2.53.30 PM

SITU Studios time-lapse video of the Great Hall renovation

This fascinating “making of” video created by SITU Studio (architects for Design Lab), Surveying the Great Hall captures the impressive scaffolding used in the restoration of the “Cathedral of Science.” As their custom camera rig slowly lifts 70 feet from floor to ceiling, “the camera will be…

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aerial of Flushing Meadows, 1967. via: http://www.nywf64.com/farewell09.shtml

The Post-Fair Park

This photo shows Flushing Meadow in 1967. The Hall of Science is in the foreground. The Heliport, now Terrace on the Park, is adjacent. The Queens Zoo has not yet been built. Across the Grand Central Parkway from the Hall of Science, the Federal Pavilion…

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opening ceremony crop

The Existing Structure

The Master of Ceremonies at the September 1966 opening of the Hall of Science was John R. Dunning, president of the Hall’s Board of Trustees, and Dean of Columbia’s School of Engineering and Applied Science. Dunning had worked on the Manhattan Project and built Columbia’s…

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museum of the future (crop)

Museum of the Future

  The NYSCI Archive: Rediscovering 50 years of stories about a science museum and its City.

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This Atomic World

This Atomic World was a lecture and demonstration exhibit produced by the Atomic Energy Commission. From the late 1940s all the way through the 1970s, This Atomic World mobile units visited schools, universities and museums across the US.  This photo is from a visit to…

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