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August 17 – 25; 9 am – 3 pm A seven day FREE program for students ages 14 – 17 that introduces game design, audio and video production through engaging activities and fun projects! Lunch and snack will be provided daily.   To register, E-mail aware@nysci.org or…

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2014  3 Siwanowicz barnacle appendages

Olympus BioScapes – International Digital Imaging Competition

View microscopic images of life science subjects.

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Robots 3D

What does it take to make a humanoid robot — a robot that can do anything we can do without the benefit of a human brain? How close are scientists to replicating some of the particularly challenging human characteristics? ROBOTS 3D answers these questions and…

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Connected Worlds 960x370

Connected Worlds

NYSCI’s groundbreaking new exhibition on environmental sustainability is now open.

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Scenes from the New York Hall of Science in Queens, New York

Next Gen Assessment Workshop

NYSCI invites experts to attend a workshop exploring how modern technologies and methods are used for assessing informal learning in museums.

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President’s Council

The President’s Council is a distinguished group of scientists, academics, business leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, foundation executives and other individuals who have interests in science, education and the cultural and intellectual life of New York and the nation.

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Living in the Age of Airplanes

Experience an immersive new film experience that will take you on a journey around the globe to see how aviation has changed our world forever.

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Virtual Visit

Virtual Visits

Visit and interact with NYSCI from your school or learning center using a variety of videoconferencing technologies.

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Virtual Visit Guide

Review these suggestions for your Virtual Visit to help ensure that the program is of the highest quality possible.

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Verizon Schools Registration for Noticing Tools

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New York Hall of Science in Queens, New York

Noticing by NYSCI – Register for Free Teacher PD

A free, professional development program for middle school teachers.

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NYSCI Supporters 2014

NYSCI thanks its donors for their loyal support in the past year.

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Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.42.51 AM

Playground Physics

Playground Physics is an iPad app, which allows you to uncover and analyze the physics in what you do.

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Size Wise

Size Wise is an iPad app which allows you to explore ratios and proportions while making funny pictures that make things look wildly bigger and smaller than they really are.

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Volumize is an iPad app that lets you take 2D photos and make them 3-dimensional.

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Choreo Graph

Choreo Graph is an iPad app which allows you to explore graphs and coordinate geometry to choreograph some funny dance moves of an animated character you create.

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Fraction Mash

Fraction Mash is an iPad app which allows you to explore fractions while creating crazy photo mashups.

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NYSCI Sleepovers

Sleepover in the coolest place in the solar system—without having to be an astronaut!

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Noticing Tools download invite

Request your invite for the pre-release download of the Noticing Tools™ app suite.

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Digital Making Studio & Maker Space Programs

Participate in extended workshops that enable you to experiment with various materials, tools and technologies.

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