Princeton’s Art of Science

Princeton’s annual Art of Science competition challenges scientists “to record the sometimes fleeting moments when science becomes art.”

The Art of Science exhibition explores the interplay between science and art. Both of these disciplines involve the pursuit of those moments of discovery when what is perceived suddenly becomes more than the sum of its parts. Each piece in this exhibition is, in its own way, a record of such a moment.

This is the sixth Art of Science competition sponsored by Princeton University. The 2013 competition drew 170 submissions from 24 departments. The exhibit includes work by undergraduates, faculty, staff, graduate students, and alumni.

These images were produced during the course of scientific research.

Images were selected by influential photographer and retired Princeton professor, Emmet Gowin, with Joel Smith, curator of photography at the Princeton University Art Museum. The images offer glimpses into often invisible worlds, illuminating fascinating phenomena and processes. The featured works were submitted as part of a competition that began in 2005, organized to judge the most aesthetically pleasing images produced during the course of scientific research at the University.

The exhibition was organized by Princeton University’s Art of Science Competition. It will be on display at NYSCI through September 30, 2014.