• perez_portrait
    Vice President of Education Services
    Oversees all of NYSCI’s student programs including student workshops, after school programs & PD's.
  • user_portrait
    Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs
    Researches, develops, writes, and administers foundation, corporate, and government grants for NYSCI.
  • litt_portrait
    Director, Information Technology
  • huie_portrait
    Chief Financial Officer
    Oversees NYSCI's financial and risk management functions.
  • cosaboom_portrait
    Exhibition Developer & Project Manager
    Michael Cosaboom has a worked on public technology and informal education projects for over 20 years.
  • brunjes_profiles
    Vice President, Special Events

NYSCI staff, board of trustees and science advisory group members play an integral part in making NYSCI’s exhibits, workshops, education programs and research successful and relevant to all ages and communities.

If you need to contact a NYSCI staff member, please refer to our staff directory to the right, or the general staff page.

To email an individual staff member, simply enter the first letter of the person’s first name, followed by their last name, followed by “” For example, John Smith’s e-mail address would be

For general information about the New York Hall of Science, contact us.

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