Why Support

Why Support


$50 Million for NYSCI’s 50th Anniversary

Funded by the City of New York, $25 million will support the restoration of the iconic Great Hall—NYSCI’s original building designed for the 1964 World’s Fair—and the remaining $25 million will be raised through private contributions.

Your gift to NYSCI will match public funds received and support programs that will help improve and transform education in science, technology, engineering and math, support families, teachers and schools and inform new approaches to learning and engagement.

The Campaign for NYSCI will:

  • Position NYSCI as an innovation partner with the formal education sector –teacher excellence and engagement is key;
  • Establish NYSCI as a premier destination for children and families through new and immersive exhibitions and large-scale events;
  • Invest in a beyond-the-walls strategy that leverages digital technologies and mobile devices to help improve and enhance teaching and learning;
  • Deepen our work with local communities through partnerships with community stakeholders;
  • Launch a center for applied research and development to enhance understanding and methodologies around how we learn science.

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